Fucks and Shits

2013-02-08 20:17:04 by DFerociousbeast

If you don't know me, which I don't blame you, my name's Ali, I am a sixteen year old from Memphis, TN and I do some stuff such as:

Make Music:

I make Indie Rock and occasionally Electronic music

My Albums

-Indie rock

Aurora EP

---Everyone's favorite---
I made this album last October and everyone I show likes it better than the other one..
- Best Songs
+ Anamorphic Flare
+ Borealis
+ Aurora

To Download This Album, Click Here
Away EP

---My Favorite---
This album is very dear to me because it made me think I can make music as a passion! :D

-Best Songs
+ Bright
+ Gould
+ Away

To Download This Album, Click Here


Hysteria EP

*no video...sorry*

---My Only Electronic Album---
I didn't have my recording gear for a while, with that, I was out for sometime with friend's at their houses so I decided to fiddle with my recording software and made some songs..

-Best Songs
+ Surreal
+ Teeth
+ Aqua

To Download This Album, Click Here

Draw and Animate

I like to draw and animate some stuff in Flash


I post my art exclusively to DeviantArt
- If you like my stuff, I would really appreciate a watch :)


Once in a blue moon, I like to animate something...I normally work with a friend of mine, Sketch. I post all my animations rather here on newgrounds or on DeviantArt

Thanks for your time with reading my links, if you'd like, please check them out, it will help me a lot! :D

Fucks and Shits


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