I'm back (hopefully)

2017-02-04 18:42:05 by DFerociousbeast

Real quick, I just wanted to say thank you to the people who have continued to follow me since I've been away. It truly means a lot to me and it keeps me motivated to push on and continue my passion. You guys are the best! 

So I finally moved away from home (Memphis) and moved toward Nashville. Been working a lot but I now have a lot of free time on my hands so I'm gonna start posting more often (mostly music, maybe art). 

Thanks for reading and I love you.

I'm just gonna stop lying and saying bullshit excuses and just say I've been super lazy and stuff so I'm gonna try to make more content but idk. I'm currently working a lot and saving for a house but for now if I make something, cool. If not then oh well I doubt people actually care about if I do or not but if you do then thanks for sticking around and i love you <3

Music Being Slowed Again

2015-07-25 12:40:34 by DFerociousbeast

So the thing that I use to record my guitar with, my interface, broke about 3 weeks ago and I bought a warranty with it so I returned it about 2 weeks ago. As i was waiting to get a new one I called the company to get a tracking number and learned that instead of giving me a replacement they are going to give me a check with the money to go and buy another one. I'm still waiting for my check but I just went ahead and bought a new interface so that should be here soon.

Also my computer has been freezing while playing some games like GTA V, CSGO, and Warframe and it was nothing at first but it started to do the same while i was just watching youtube with nothing too heavy in the background. So I had to back up everything and wipe my computer and I am still in the process of getting all my instrument plugins back.

Im also going to Colorado for a week to meet up with Sketch/Topher and some other friends so I will probably work on more content when I get back

In the meantime here's a project I'm working


Music Is Slowed

2014-06-16 20:38:15 by DFerociousbeast

My computer is complete shit so music recording is very difficult. There are a lot of reasons why, though I can't list all the reasons (mostly because a lot of people just won't "get it") I can list some down below:

My interface (the thing I use to record guitar with) makes a popping noise because my computer's processor has a very low CPU. With that, when I record my computer skips and makes my recording off beat so I have to redo the entire recording. Another thing is that my computer can't keep up with my interface most of the time and my sound card crashes. This forces me to save my project and restart my computer (which takes anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour and most of the time it doesn't even shut down). This doesn't seem that bad but I only have a 10-40 minute interval to record until it fucks up which makes my craft EXTREMELY tedious.

Even though I am having problems, I am still making music just about everyday. Also my music commissions are STILL UP though, more info here

Thanks for reading and sorry for the inconvenience.


Message me here for a commission or read this for more information http://coaxybeast.tumblr.com/commissions

If someone (or anyone) is reading this then by the title you can tell that I am closing my music commissions, but only for a bit so I can work on some personal stuff. This includes music and art but it mostly deals with my online high school classes, I want to finish it so I don't have to deal with its bullshit anymore and so I can finally graduate and basically start my life.

So with that said, my music commissions (my only commissions) are closed and Im probably gonna be inactive (mostly in audio portal) for a while until I get through this. Thank you for reading and goodbye

Open for Freelance

2013-12-15 15:10:45 by DFerociousbeast

Hello everyone, my name is DFerociousbeast and I just wanted to say that I’m open to make music for any piece of work (video games, animations, video shorts, etc.) that you may be in the progress of making. I create a variety of different music styles.

Such genres that I am currently comfortable with making are chip-tuneambientsoft rockalternative rockmetalsoundtrack, and most similar genres of music. I have many prerecorded songs that I’ve released that you may use for no charge whatsoever! These can be found on rather my bandcampsoundcloud, or here on my newgrounds

The only things I ask if you do use my music is credit (A simple link to the song(s) you used in the description or credits) and (maybe) a message about what your project is all about (mostly because I’m interested in new content creators). If you are interested in an original piece of music for your work or you have any questions, please pm me here on newgrounds and hopefully we can attempt to work something out.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you consider me for your next piece of work!

Fucks and Shits

2013-02-08 20:17:04 by DFerociousbeast

If you don't know me, which I don't blame you, my name's Ali, I am a sixteen year old from Memphis, TN and I do some stuff such as:

Make Music:

I make Indie Rock and occasionally Electronic music

My Albums

-Indie rock

Aurora EP

---Everyone's favorite---
I made this album last October and everyone I show likes it better than the other one..
- Best Songs
+ Anamorphic Flare
+ Borealis
+ Aurora

To Download This Album, Click Here
Away EP

---My Favorite---
This album is very dear to me because it made me think I can make music as a passion! :D

-Best Songs
+ Bright
+ Gould
+ Away

To Download This Album, Click Here


Hysteria EP

*no video...sorry*

---My Only Electronic Album---
I didn't have my recording gear for a while, with that, I was out for sometime with friend's at their houses so I decided to fiddle with my recording software and made some songs..

-Best Songs
+ Surreal
+ Teeth
+ Aqua

To Download This Album, Click Here

Draw and Animate

I like to draw and animate some stuff in Flash


I post my art exclusively to DeviantArt
- If you like my stuff, I would really appreciate a watch :)


Once in a blue moon, I like to animate something...I normally work with a friend of mine, Sketch. I post all my animations rather here on newgrounds or on DeviantArt

Thanks for your time with reading my links, if you'd like, please check them out, it will help me a lot! :D

Fucks and Shits

Animating and music?!

2013-01-21 01:28:31 by DFerociousbeast

I will try my best at animating, but please check out my links to see some more stuff from me if you want! :D

Rock Music
Electronic Music

Thank you fellow Newgrounds' user!
- DF

Animating and music?!

My Links

2012-10-09 15:26:14 by DFerociousbeast

To View News Updates And Art, View My DeviantArt Page

To View Music, Go To My Bandcamp